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I'd like a premium membership, but I'd also prefer a tablet pen replacement, so if you really want to help me, make an offer and send over a pic of an OC, human, wolf, crocodile, whatever, and I'll see what I can do.

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Christina E
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
The name is

It's fucking Christina until I can get my damn username fixed

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Jonah by shadefeather413
I need to work on signing things. And uploading things. And... just being active in general.

Hello again, loveles c:
Cameron's Scarmoor Passport by shadefeather413
Cameron's Scarmoor Passport
• Name: Cameron Michaels

• Alias/Nicknames: No

• Sex: Male

• Orientation: Bisexual

• Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

• Status: Has a crush

• Children: Nope

• Age: 24

• Height: 6'4

• Special Traits/Abilities: Cameron will eventually start drinking demon's blood. His eyes will turn red sometimes, and eventually it will become permanent. Cameron will gain new powers later.

• Languages Spoken: English. The Devil's Alphabet. Very, very basic Enochian. Latin. Celtic. Old Gaelic.

• General RP Warnings:
His mouth deserves a Sexual Content Warning.
Seperate Sexual Content Warnng
Violence and Torture

• District :


• Job:


• Personality:

Cold - Bitter - Easily Jealous - Hot-Headed - Rude - Avoids Romantic Confrontation
Loyal + Caring + Witty + Sarcastic + Protective + Possessive

• History:

Cameron was born to an irresponsible mother that dumped him to his father, a man named Brandon. They had split up after a short fling and neither was expecting Cameron. He had his mother's last name and eyes. Cameron's father loved him and took care of him. When Cameron was four, his father found a new woman, Alyssa. The two didn't understand each other, and sometimes his father would take a walk, saying he needed to "just cool off", but really, he did not care about her or her complaints and it was his only way to get away from her once they started living together. When Cameron's father was ready to kick her out when she told him she was pregnant. 

Alyssa had a baby boy named Jonah, who grew up to be the kindest person Cameron had ever met. Jonah always inspired to be strong like his brother, while Cameron just wished he could help Jonah as much as he could. Alyssa tried to pit the boys against each other, but none of it worked. Only her own abusive words could do anything against Cameron, but Jonah had no part in it. Cameron's father died when Cameron was nine, and the fight to keep Cameron around fell on four-year-old Jonah's shoulders. Cameron still did not leave their house until he left for college a decade later.

Now Jonah has been taken. Cameron found his brother's room a ransacked disaster when he came home with a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies. His mother told him Jonah had been missing for weeks and she couldn't get herself to clean his room yet. Cameron was given the task, and as he tried to clean he noticed too many oddities. First of all, the whole room smelled of sulfer, or Brimstone. Second, the room looked as though it was trashed by the struggle, and not from a burglary gone wrong. Nothing was actually missing, and it was too good to be staged. Also, some things had been thrown with an obviously human strength.

Cameron spent the next two years obsessing over the incident, searching for his brother. He has researched enough that he could breeze through an Anthropology Major or a Mythology Major.  Now, he has finally found Scarmoor after the twelfth cult he had visited had actually pointed him in the right direction. He has arranged to visit Scarmoor and hopefully find evidence of his brother's whereabouts.

• Plot ideas for Roleplays:
-If someone else would like to be this brother, that might be cool. Name can be changed, but not their past, and I can tell you a few key details of that past.
-Cameron is meant to eventually get with his temporary guardian, Kufasi, but before then there is plenty of potential. I would love multiple hook-ups with other characters and even a small relationship where they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend before Cameron settles down with Kufasi. As long at is known that none of these relationships can be permanent.
-In those relationships, Cameron can still get himself very, very jealous. He also can get very, very jealous of whoever may be on a date with Kufasi!
-Vengeful exes are always interesting.
-Cameron needs to search for his brother. If no one wants to be his brother, Jonah always needs a slave owner.
-Before Cameron even finds Cameron or his owner, which might be awhile, there is still the person who kidknapped Jonah. Cameron wants to kill that person, and will probably go to great lengths to try. This person would partly inspire Cameron to start drinking demon's blood.
-Cameron is a weak, baby law-student visiting a new world. Despite the 24-hour watch on visiting humans, Cameron will probably be determined to get some alone time and leave Kufasi, his Guardian, behind. He might get swept up in some trouble. Cameron always finds trouble.
-I like the idea of Cameron drinking demon's blood because that is the only way he feels he can save Jonah, that otherwise he will be killed in vain and Jonah will live the rest of his life a slave. I need those obstacles for Cameron, opponents who will make it increasingly difficult. Also, people for Cameron to hurt on his path to power.

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