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Christina E
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
The name is

It's fucking Christina until I can get my damn username fixed

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MYO Rosale Entry: Linus, The Faux Forest Prince by shadefeather413
MYO Rosale Entry: Linus, The Faux Forest Prince
MYO Rosales Contest - OPEN! [6 DAYS]
This is a closed species contest, why don't you guys go make one? Even if you don't win, with a small fee she's allowing you to keep them. Go check it out!

I had two submissions I wanted to make, but I knew that this one was the one I would want to win, and the other is the one I think is probably more likely to win, design wise, but it wasn't as loved. This one got fleshed out, a background, a lovely boyfriend from an RP that came out of this. (We imagine him as a non-rosale verserion to prevent broken hearts) 

Name: Linus 
Age: 19
Personality: Mischevious, Playful, Compassionate, Loving, Bold, Reckless, Loyal, Protective, Tactless
Other: At 19, he's fairly uneducated, knowing not how to read nor write. He knows nothing of history and has no knowledge of humans, other than an image of them, until the war. 
Likes: Letum, flowers, 'his' people
Dislikes: Offenders, challenges, rudeness, bugs, foreigners, humans, or Orcs
Biography: Linus was born back in the 12th Century to a loving home with many brothers and sisters. He was a mischevious, rambunctious child who liked to pull pranks. He spend his time picking flowers, gathering food, and playing with other creatures in the forest of the Faewild. (I imagine Rosales fit right in there, and sometimes I use this character for dungeons and dragons. I don't show them this ref, of course, I have a separate one of him without the tail, the flowers, and this horn. In the other, he does have ram horns, though. He's kind of a pink Satyr. After I heard about this contest and created him, I got addicted to his little background and decided he was here to stay, even if I don't win. Anyways..) 
However, a war broke out between the forest and the humans(or the various fae of the forest against the High Elves, in our DnD campaign), and everyone had to pitch in. Linus had never harmed even the pests that attempted to invade the family garden, but all of the fae wanted to participate, because if they did not, they would be out of a forest. For them, they were simply defending from the unprovoked attacks from the humans. It was more about patriotism and unity against the enemy than any malice the forest creatures possessed. They simply wanted to live in peace, in the home they'd had for centuries, and the humans weren't going to let it happen. The Wood Elves wanted to defend their land, the Dwarves wanted to drive them away, and the Rosales wanted peace. 
Despite all this talk of Unity, loyalty, and preservation, Linus never did find out why he was sent to fight. He never actually got to fight. He joined very late in the war, one of the last families to agree to the war. Many of their people had already died on the field. The humans were everywhere, invading further and further into their home. They got far enough to destroy the Elven King's home, the last stronghold of the resistance, and the last place Linus ever saw before this barbaric knight slammed his head into the arm of the Throne, behind which he had been cowering as the fighting continued elsewhere. He immediately blacked out. 
He awoke with a throbbing headache, surrounded by the ruins of the castle, destroyed by the humans with only he left behind. 
My...castle? He blacked out again. I suppose he compartmentalized the trauma of the loss, because when he reawakened he only saw gold walls, but silent servants. He was Prince Linus of the Faewild....and could not possibly understand how it could be so silent in a castle full of people. No one ever attended his partiess, no chef cooked for them. He should have them executed for their negligence, but before he can really think on it for too long, he forgets again. 

It's the beginning of a long story of reapers, love, and death. 


The first is two more of Linus' outfits, and a few sketches of his everyday life. Him stepping out of his delusional state, struggling with the weight of his sword, sick after being poisoned by a witch, and him sleeping. The second is him, his variety of weapons, an idea of his outfit, and his original sketched design, without all of the shading. Possibly before I fixed his face. 

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